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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Questions. How to calculate the surcharge ?
  • Ans : If the bill is not paid within due date, the surcharge will be levied & calculated @ 2% per month and for fraction there of on billed amount from due date of payment.
  • Questions. What are the contents in the Monthly bill ?
  • Ans : The monthly bill contains consumers identity, meter readings, unit consumed, billed amount, due date of payment, arrears due, surcharge VAT amount and other bill related information.
  • Questions. How to calculate the VAT ?
  • Ans : VAT is calculated @ 5% on the unit cost.
  • Questions. Can I view my bill online ?
  • Ans : Yes, you can view your Bill online.
  • Questions. Can I pay my bill after due date ?
  • Ans : Yes, you can pay within next one month from due date, but due surcharge will be incorporated in your next bill.
  • Questions. Why estimated bill is issued ?
  • Ans : Your meter is defective or there is no meter or your meter reading was not collected.
  • Questions. What is Peak/Off peak meter reading ?
  • Ans : This is applicable for tariff of two different rates, one for peak time (17:00 hrs to 23:00 hrs) and other for off peak time (23:00 hrs to 05:00 hrs) use. Energy used during these two different time period recorded separately in the same meter are called Peak/Off-peak reading.
  • Questions. What is Power factor?
  • Ans : There is a line gap between the flow of current and voltage in electricity. This time gap is determined in the form of angle (in degree). Power factor is the Cosine of the angle between Voltage and current.
  • Questions. What is Power Factor Correction (PFC) charge ?
  • Ans : As per electricity tariff, the consumer should keep his average power factor in between 0.95 to 1.0. If power factor is lower then 0.95 the loss in providing your supply by the utility department is very high. To compensate this loss by the consumer, an extra charge is levied as Power Factor Correction charge (PFC).
  • Questions. How can I get rid of the power factor correction charge?
  • Ans :You can minimize the PFC charges by installing automatic power factor improvement plant of appropriate capacity at your load side. In this regard you may contact concerned S&D. Division for technical consultation service.
  • Questions. What is Maximum demand mentioned in HT category bill ?
  • Ans :It is the highest load drawn in a particular time period in a month.
  • Questions. How the Maximum demand is determined ?
  • Ans :It is recorded by the meter itself. But where the meter have no facility to record or in absence of Demand recording facilities in the meter, the Maximum Demand is calculated as follow: 100% of 1 st 75 KW of connected load 85% of next 75 KW of connected load 75% of next 75 KW of connected load 65% of next 75 KW of connected load 60% of next balance KW of connected load
  • Questions. What is Sanctioned load ?
  • Ans :The electrical load in KW sanctioned by the authority.
  • Questions. What is connected load ?
  • Ans :The connected load is the summation of all the loads (or facilities) that average found to be installed at the consumer premises.



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